The Behind Blue Doors podcast is a project by policewomen that aims to create systemic change. Our passion stems from our personal experiences. Due to the enormous response from policewomen and allies alike, Behind Blue Doors has expanded to include numerous guest hosts and round table discussions about relevant and timely topics involving policing organizations. This is our effort to help amplify and elevate the voices of policewomen, speak to and create relationships with allies, and dismantle the current policing systems that are detrimental to all.



With this podcast, we hope to provide current and former police women with a safe space and an anonymous platform (if desired), to elevate their silenced voices. Recognizing the trauma and stigma many police women face, we are here to put an end to victim-blaming and the minimization of trauma. We also know the importance of including allies and applying an intersectional lens, recognizing that each woman has her own unique story and experience.

Our Vision

You have the opportunity to share your story exactly how you want to.  It’s essential that your story remains pure and intact so that any editing will be reviewed and approved by you. You will also have the opportunity to review and, most importantly, accept the episode before it’s published. We can also modify your voice so that it is not identifiable if this is a concern. Finally, your story will be shared on our podcast, Behind Blue Doors. We also recognize the importance of allyship in achieving sustainable change and will feature individuals who wish to take a stance against the social injustice that policewomen have experienced.